Illuminating the Self

We were lucky to receive funding from Wellcome to expand our public engagement around the CANDO project. Our grant is split into three components to explore and engage with patients and the public about epilepsy and optogenetics amongst others. For information about upcoming CANDO events visit our Eventbrite page,

We are collaborating with renowned international artists Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie for concurrent exhibitions which will run at the start of 2020 at the Hatton Gallery and Vane Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne. We are also working with North East based theatre company Operating Theatre to develop new drama based around the project.  Operating Theatre specialise in health based drama that aim to transform the way people think about health and wellbeing.

Illuminating the Self at Hatton Gallery

Embroidered item for Susan Aldworth's Out of the Blue art installation.

Illuminating the Self at Vane Gallery

Art print: Enlightenment 6, Aldworth & Carnie, Monotype, 2015.

Theatre Productions - Making for the Light

Newcastle University student forum heads (Autumn 2016) by Chris Bishop.

The CANDO Virtual Reality Experience

Screenshot from CANDO virtual reality programme.


Watch the following video to find out more about the engagement project.

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Print: Enlightened, Monotype print, Optogenetics.Project, Andrew Carnie & Susan Aldworth, 2015.

Photographs: Fine Art Degree Show 2015 by Matt Horne, Student Forum Heads (Autumn 2016) by Chris Bishop.