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Click on the links below to learn more about epilepsy and the science of optogenetics.

Alternatively, click on the following link to read Dr Michael Mackay's piece about CANDO, originally published in Epilepsy Today, the magazine for the charity Epilepsy Action.

Epilepsy Explained

Optogenetics Explained

Low power electronics for talking to neurons

Dr Yan Liu describes how his research is implementing new fully-integrated electronic devices for recording electrical signals from networks of neurons (neural electrophysiology) as part of his work with CANDO.


Creating a distributed network of implantable devices

Dorian Haci talks about the shift from a centralised to a distributed approach for implantable medical devices and how such network-based solution can improve treatments for neurological disorders.


Article: Why hacking the nervous system could be the next big medical treatment


The Hyperactive Brain Comic

A beginners guide to...


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