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Workshop with Explore Lifelong Learning as part of British Science Week

  • Venue: 4th floor Commercial Union House 39 Pilgrim Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QE
  • Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2019 11:00:00 GMT

CANDO are joining with Explore Lifelong Learning and Incubate Experimental Printmaking to provide people with an opportunity to learn about optogenetics and explore the topic through cyanotype prints.

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Optogen 2018

Patrick Degenaar spoke at the 5th International Workshop on Technologies for Optogenetics and Neurophotonics. The workshop, being held for the first time at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, brought together scientists and technologists to discuss recent progress and future challenges in technologies for in vivo optogenetics and optical neural interfaces. Patrick's talk was entitled 'Developing clinical grade optogenetics to treat epilepsy'.

CANDO All Meeting 2018

Yesterday saw the end of the annual CANDO get together which took place in Newcatle at the Centre for Life.  The meeting involved a poster presentation, reviewing project risks and opportunities and planning for the upcoming Research Steering Group and Milestone 5.  The first day, which included a ride on Life's 4D Polar Express experience ended with a very enjoyable meal at Blackfriars restaurant.

Making for the Light performance

A new play in development was premiered by Operating Theatre at Live Theatre on 22nd November.  The audience was introduced to Ella who has a passion for art and has had to learn to live with epilepsy. The play tracks her life to the point where she is offered a new treatment that could potentially stop the seizures. Audience comments after the show included "an intimate and credible piece of some with epilepsy" as well "an inspired and absorbing two-hander". After the performance there was a interesting panel discussion which included comments and feedback from the audience.

Feedback from the performance will be used to develop the play further so look out for future performances in 2019.

Volunteers required for Art Exhibition

Artist Susan Aldworth is looking for volunteers to help develop an installation for the exhibition at the Hatton Gallery in 2020.  Susan is looking to collect testimonies from people with epilepsy and their carers about living with epilepsy. She is also looking for people to embroider these testimonies onto items of clothing which will be hung together from the ceiling of the gallery.  For further information, please click here.

BioCAS 2018

Members of our team were at the 2018 Biomedical Circuits and Systems conference in Cleveland presenting a poster about the CANDO project. Dorian Haci also gave a presentation on his recently accepted grounding paper.

CANDO Poster Presentation at Neuroscience 2018

If you were lucky enough to be attending Neuroscience 2018, San Diego, then we hoped you checked out our poster presentation. 

Poster: 040.08 / F19 - Controlling abnormal network dynamics with optogenetics targeting excitatory cells

Next Generation Neural Interfaces: Research on Emerging Technologies at Imperial College London

Our collaborators within the Next Generation Neural Interfaces team at Imperial College wrote about their ongoing research, including CANDO, in a new online publication called Brainsight. Brainsight is produced by the IEEE brain initiative, providing a space to share technical information and forward-looking commentary on brain-related research and technologies. The article can be found online here.

Fixed by Light: Flick a switch to banish pain and blindness

Professor Andy Jackson is interviewed about the CANDO project as part of a New Scientist article on optogenetics. The article can be found here (requires subscription).

New Logo for CANDO

We are pleased to announce a new logo for CANDO complete with a new strapline to help explain the project.  The logos have been creat‌ed by a new design company "not2scale design".  The logo shows a neuron lit up with an axon extending under the CANDO name. Bright electrical impulses pass down the cell, highlighting the importance of light to the project. The logos have also been adapted with a white background.


CANDO Animated

Watch the animation that CANDO have been involved in with the CRN North East and North Cumbria about public engagement in research. 

Watch the full video here or the shorter version just about CANDO here.

Interview with the Naked Scientists

Image result for naked scientists cambridge

Dr Andrew Jackson was interviewed by The Naked Scientists at the University of Cambridge about CANDO as part of a podcast about optogenetics.  Andy's interview appears at 43:19.

Optogenetics: Lighting up the Brain

BBC World Service Discovery - Shedding Light on the Brain

Hear how optogenetics is used to explore how the brain works and in the development of potential new therapies. Featuring CANDO scientist Dr Andrew Jackson at 20:00.

BBC World Service Discovery - Shedding Light on the Brain

BBC Radio 4 Today Interview PDF 2,877Kb

Dr Andrew Jackson talking about CANDO on Today BBC Radio 4.