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CANDO Animated

‌CANDO will be appearing in the new NIHR CRN animations about helping to make research better to be launched in conjunction with International Clinical Trials Day on the 20th May.  Keep an eye out for them.

Epilepsy Research @ Newcastle University

Read a blog about research taking place into epilepsy at Newcastle University including CANDO on the Voice North website. Just click here.

Interview with the Naked Scientists

Image result for naked scientists cambridge

Dr Andrew Jackson was interviewed by The Naked Scientists at the University of Cambridge about CANDO as part of a podcast about optogenetics.  Andy's interview appears at 43:19.

Optogenetics: Lighting up the Brain

National Epilepsy Week

May 14-20 2017 is National Epilepsy Week! Look out for #epilepsyweek on twitter for updates on how we are spreading the word about epilepsy and the current research being undertaken. The aim of this week is tell tell as many people as possible about epilepsy and to help improve the lives of those affected with the condition. Help to spread the word and support epilepsy charities so that they can continue their work transforming people's lives and by providing training so more people are aware of this condition.

Epilepsy Memorial Day

May 10th is Epilepsy Memorial Day. Please spare some time today to remember those who have died from epilepsy. There are around 1200 premature epilepsy deaths each year in the UK.

#EpilepsyMemorialDay @SudepAction

Events in 2016

We had a number of successful events to support CANDO in 2016.  Thank you to everyone who came to support.  These included:

  • Public and Patient Engagement Event at the King's Road Centre on 24th March.
  • Supporting the 'It's OK to Ask' campaign at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.
  • Dr Andrew Jackson talking at the Pint of Science event on 'Walk like a robot? The neuroscience of movement'.
  • Professor Anthony O'Neill speaking at the BioFocus Conference on June 15th on CANDO.
  • An Epilepsy Research Event at the Laing Art Gallery providing information about epilepsy and CANDO as part of Patient Month.

BBC World Service Discovery - Shedding Light on the Brain

Hear how optogenetics is used to explore how the brain works and in the development of potential new therapies. Featuring CANDO scientist Dr Andrew Jackson at 20:00.

BBC World Service Discovery - Shedding Light on the Brain

BBC Radio 4 Today Interview PDF 2,877Kb

Dr Andrew Jackson talking about CANDO on Today BBC Radio 4. 

Young Epilepsy Champions Awards 2015

CANDO scientist, Dr Andrew Trevelyan, nominated for the Young Epilepsy Champions Awards 2015 in the Discovery category.

Young Epilepsy Champions Awards 2015.